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Untrue Fairy Stories

Camlia Waite's Original Slash Stories

Cammi (kaemi:) n. an aphrodisiac made of cucumbers
9 March
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Have I seemingly, randomly friended you?
That's probably because I'm currently running a newsletter (see above) and you write or create art in the original slash or femmeslash genres. If you'd like not to have your work pimped out to the general public, let me know and I'll skedaddle.

Uh . . . you want to know something about me?
Okay- I am just a slasher who cannot keep her hands out of the cookie jar-- I mean- off the keyboard. I entered fandom through the Harry Potter Books, became a slasher, then went multifandom before deciding I wanted more control and writing originals. While I still read and fanaticize multifandom, I write originals exclusively now.

Just another slasher with too many ideas and worlds in her head. It was write or let them leak out my ears. This is less clean-up and I am lazy.

Original Slash author, hoping to say something original. A stickler for grammar- but with a weakness for overusing commas. Flighty. Review whore.

Weekly Updates
So, in an effort to be a good author to the lovely and generous readers who have given me such flattering feedback, I am going to try and update at least one of my WIPs each week. Real life may intervene some weeks, but I am gonna try.

A word about character descriptions
I often leave them vague on purpose partly because I personally find their personalities more interesting than their looks, partly because I like the reader to be able to insert her/his own likes in regards to the physical traits the characters have, partly because my personal imaginings of each character changes as I write more about them and partly because such details as race do not figure into how people live and love in my ideal world.

I want to assure some of my readers who might be worried about things they have asked or ranted about in their reviews that I am not easily offended and nothing I have read in any of my reviews so far has bothered me. Please speak your mind without worrying. Beyond unfounded, out and out flames (which I have been fortunate enough not to have ever experienced), I am pleased to get any feedback and astounded at how widely read and well received my little boy-kissy-boy stories have been.

And finally, as to friending
I'm all for it. Everyone can use more friends, so go ahead, do it. You know you want to. I'll even do it back to you.

An open-ended offer to beta.


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